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Global Mobility Solutions

We offers fully integrated relocation solutions for international corporations and their employees and Families. Company offers quality guidance, effective advice and provides information to its clients to settle down in the country. We provide solutions within Destination Services, Global Mobility Services, Immigration Services, Move Management, Intercultural Communication, Invest in Sweden, and complete IT Solutions for your business. In Additional Services, Housing, Residence Permit and all sort visa applications, Registering a new business or branch of an existing business includes.
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Family Relocation Services

We provide complete Family Relocation Solution for your move to Sweden including Visas, Home Search,School Search, Health Services, Civic Registration, Tax Consultancy, Business Registration and Search.Join your Partner or Move with your family to Sweden. We will guide you about all legal complications and other necessary documentation required for this purpose.Incorrect or non-complete applications usually leads to long waiting time of-up to 18 months at the Swedish Migration Agency.


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Lead you towards better future Sweden 4 All AB is a bridge between students and Universities – helping students increase their studies options and helping Universities to find the right students. Download our smart phone app(Sweden 4 All AB) to get updates regarding admission process.


It has never been so easy to rent out your apartment or room! We offers a free service for all the landlords that are looking for the perfect tenants. We can connect you with highly educated professional and students, Swedish or international, who are looking for accommodation for both the short and long term around Malmö and Skåne. We can manage the first connections between landlord and potential tenant(s), and then organise a meeting in order to let you meet in person. We will help you with the rental contract, and we are available for any basic question and doubt that you may have when renting your property. Nonetheless, we can act as administrators or advisors.


A visitor who wants to visit Sweden as a tourist needs to have a short term visa. The short term visa is a permit to enter Sweden for a short period of time. It is meant for those visitors who wish to visit Sweden for the purpose of tourism, visiting friends and relatives, business meet or participating in a conference. This visa is also known as Schengen (tourist) visa. Since Sweden is a member of the Schengen Agreement, it follows the common visa rules applicable to all Schengen countries.

Preparation and submission of work permit application to the Swedish Migration Board for foreign workers from a non-EU country:

Sweden 4 All AB services are available for both Swedish Companies and foreign employers who needs work permit to work in Sweden.Most people from a non-EU country need work permit for working in Sweden and the application process for the work permit starts by the employer.Most of our clients find the application process difficult and time consuming. Incorrect or non-complete applications usually leads to long waiting time of up to 12 months at the Swedish Migration Agency.

People from countries outside EU/EEA may apply for residence permit to invest in Sweden:

Sweden 4 All AB will provide you services, to Starting a new business or Purchasing an existing business.In order to qualify for residence permit for running your own business (Self-Employed)you have to provide the Swedish Migration Office with detailed plans for your business , bank statements showing that you have the necessary capital to establish or buy a business as well as personal funds adequate to support yourself and your family during your first two years in Sweden.